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We are looking for a generous donor to help us create book, video, exhibition and museum

We are looking for a generous donor to help us create book, video, exhibition and museum in New York (similar to House Anna Frank - the most visited place in Holland) with an unique exhibition, linked to the story of Sarenka Rachel Leah – the woman who initiated the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, with the recommendation of prof. Israel Gutman and Sever Plotzker. Ofer is a designer with vast experience in visitor centers construction, including those in China with 40 million capacity

The Creative Man

I have long been familiar with Ofer Aloni and his creative activities and never cease to be impressed by both him and his work.

It is my opinion that Ofer Aloni is one of the most creative and original individuals in the country. As a courageous nonconformist he persistently swims against the current of the cheap and flashy, dogmatic and crude publicity with which we are constantly attacked from every angle possible. The observer will find his work simultaneously revealing depth of identification and skepticism. In many ways, Ofer Aloni is the Socrates of publicity: he asks the questions and we, each in her or his own way, must seek the answer. The question is the message; the answer is the moral.

Ofer Aloni’s work imbues us with hope and faith. His rich inner world is translated into gentle, restrained yet searching language, which gently recruits us into its sphere. In actuality, it is less a matter of publicity and more a sensitive, encompassing, intellectual dialogue.

Ofer Aloni is no small visionary when he employs graphic elements; how much more so when he uses the written word.

I wholly recommend Ofer Aloni’s creations, the writing and contemplations of this indefatigable creator and good man.

Sever Plotzker - Financial Editor, Yediot Aharonot, Leading Daily Newspaper

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