Three witnesses from the Warsaw Ghetto testify: now on YouTube

Type in these texts, and discover new evidence on YouTube about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising* in general, and Sarenka in particular, evidence that may find Maya, daughter of Rahel Leah (Sarenka), who like Isaac was ‘bound’ – for the sake of the uprising.

* Did a woman rouse the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising – the most important rebellion in the world, the first civilian rebellion against the Nazis, inspiration for balance in our world, foundation of current democracy, and Martin Luther King’s outlook.

1. Prof. Gutman to Ofer Sarenka Aloni: Grateful for preserving this important material from the Uprising

2. Prof. Israel Gutman to Ofer Aloni: "I hardly need to teach you about it..."

3. Prof. Israel Gutman: “That is something you know, that I didn’t know”


4. I am very grateful that you preserved all this, so much got lost because of people…

5. Prof. Gutman to Ofer: It’s nice you found this, I didn’t.

6. Prof. Israel Gutman: “What I've managed to read is a lot of rubbish and insolence.”