New discovery! Did a woman rouse the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, foundation of current democracy

code2Hope is a journey – historical, philosophical, current – and I am still on my way… :)

A true story and not just based on truth

My journey will remind you of the rebellion against the gravity of our own habitual approaches (historical, too) as we move towards the path 2 Hope…

for a person without hope is considered as though dead

Big Bang – the point of encounter between romanticist and technocrat

Code2Hope, by Ofer Sarenka, named for his aunt Sarenka (censored to date), a Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Rebel

The mission: exposing the heart connection - the vanishing point

New Discovery!

How can two axes of time converge in the Bing Bang of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, like two parallel train tracks meeting at the vanishing point?

Did a woman rouse the most important rebellion ever in the world, and are the ‘memory police’ censoring this knowledge?


Personal - Sarenka is born in Warsaw

Social - The Nazi Party is established


Personal -The famous photograph from the world of Sarenka with Mordechai Anilewicz

Social - The German Army receives an instruction to ready for war


Personal - Sarenka – my aunt - fleeing with my mother from Warsaw to Vilna

Social - Germany invades Poland