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New discovery! Did a woman rouse the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

New discovery! Did a woman rouse the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, foundation of current democracy?

code2Hope is a journey – historical, philosophical, current – and I am still on my way… :)

A true story and not just based on truth

My journey will remind you of the rebellion against the gravity of our own habitual approaches (historical, too) as we move towards the path 2 Hope…

for a person without hope is considered as though dead

Big Bang – the point of encounter between romanticist and technocrat

Code2Hope, by Ofer Sarenka, named for his aunt Sarenka (censored to date), a Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Rebel

The mission: exposing the heart connection - the vanishing point

New Discovery!

How can two axes of time converge in the Bing Bang of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, like two parallel train tracks meeting at the vanishing point?

Did a woman rouse the most important rebellion ever in the world, and are the ‘memory police’ censoring this knowledge?


Personal - Sarenka is born in Warsaw

Social - The Nazi Party is established


Personal -The famous photograph from the world of Sarenka with Mordechai Anilewicz

Social - The German Army receives an instruction to ready for war


Personal - Sarenka – my aunt - fleeing with my mother from Warsaw to Vilna

Social - Germany invades Poland


Personal - Birth of Maya in Vilna, Sarenka's letter to my mother

Social - Germany invades Vilna


Personal - Handing Maya into care and going back to Warsaw

Social - Sarenka rouses the Warsaw Uprising

19 April 1943

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The point of encounter - the Big Bang. Inspiration for modern democracy in the world

19 April 1943

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The first civil rebellion against Nazism (mechanism) was roused by its opposite force, romanticism (heart)

19 April 1943

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Warsaw Ghetto Rebel is the inspiration for teenage rebellion, Martin Luther King, and music of rebellion

19 April 1943

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Uprising began, fought by young people aged 14 to 23. Because the leaders fled! hence the censorship. On that same date in Switzerland, with no knowledge of the Uprising, the scientist Albert Hofmann was the first to ingest LSD. Woodstock was where rebellion of youth and LSD would later converge.Is this more proof of a reality where parallel lines converge?

8 May 1943

“Sarenka died with her weapon in her hand” - killed with the young fighters of the uprising


Discovering Sarenka’s story. Did a woman rouse the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising?!

"He who controls the present controls the past", by George Orwell.

2014, The “Memory Police” (The Technocrat) in pursuit to continue censorship of Sarenka and all the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising fighters (The Romanticist), even though Maya is being searched for

When and where will the next Big Bang between the Romanticist and the Technocrat


Back cover for the book "code2Hope":

In February 2012, in Tel Aviv, “the code 2 Hope” was found.

It is a treasure chest of the personal, the social and the historical; and it slumbered, a stone unturned, for 69 years in a worn tin box. Its red paint seemed to blush at history’s shame, for its contents held news of WWII, chilling accounts in hand written letters and photographs that all deal with hope – and hope is the foundation of our existence, for a person without hope is likened to the dead.

The finder of this box is an author and artist who has spent his entire life exploring hope. Perhaps this focus came to him by being named for his aunt who penned those letters and is captured smiling in the rare photograph with Mordechai Anilewicz, thought to be the commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, a rebellion that is the inspiration for my, and your, existence.

Where was God in the Holocaust? Incredibly, He was there…

Was the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising the basis for the concept of “rebellion of the youth” in the world, and the inspiration behind modern democracy? Absolutely.

Are we in an even more dangerous position than we were just prior to the outbreak of WWII? Nazism was influenced by the industrial revolution, but we are in the web generation, and impacted even more, as we carry our cellphones in our shirt or jacket pocket, covering our hearts with mechanism.

Who discovered hope against the backdrop of the Holocaust? If it could be found then, can’t we find it now? We did, but have forgotten about it because of habits that bog us down.

Did a woman rouse the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, rebelling against Nazism, that first civil rebellion in the world which inspired modern democracy? It’s certainly looking that way. As happens so often, a woman is there behind the scenes (and in this book, too) – so why do men try to erase this fact?

Who has seen? And who has heard? Of Maya, the rebel’s daughter, handed into care for the sake of this rebellion, much like a “female binding of Isaac”?

(Left) One of the familiar symbols of the Holocaust heritage: sculptor Nathan Rappaport’s monument in Warsaw, cut from the stone that Hitler had earmarked for his victory arch. (Rappaport received photographic material from my mother, Ruth Aloni). In front, Mordechai Anilewicz. Behind him, a young woman holding her infant, her gaze turned back, to hope. Is she Sarenka, pivot of this story, my aunt for whom I am named, and the inspiration for this sculpture?

Ofer Sarenka, author and designer of the personal path to shared Hope, in the personal, social, marketing and political arenas.

Ofer is being pursued because he is named for his aunt Sarenka (Ofra), a Warsaw Ghetto Uprising rebel, who left her infant daughter Maya, who was never found, and charged with inconceivable courage, entered the besieged ghetto in order to join forces with others (Censored to date) who rebelled against the Nazis.

Together with them she fought for the sake of that existential need, hope…

Ofer, named for Sarenka, rouser of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, is seeking a gutsy courageous international publisher for the movie code2Hope, for the book code2Hope, and for the exhibition code2Hope.

Donate to publicizing the true story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, inspiration of our existence, and help me search for Maya! who has not yet been found…

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